Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Sparkling Fourth

This is Aunt Judy's new tablecloth.

She needed one.  Why did she need one?  Well...let me tell you.  My birthday was a few weeks ago, and my sister-in-law, Judy, kindly invited us over for dinner.  My husband offered to bake a birthday cake.  It was a banana cake.  Seeing as this was a rather "milestone" birthday, Mike felt that candles would just not do.  He wanted sparklers.  Not just regular old sparklers.  He wanted BIG ones.  And so my banana birthday cake had great big sparkly sparklers.  Boy, did they sparkle.  Sparks were flying ALL over the place...really lit up the room.  Soon, Judy's lime green placemats were on fire...burned right through, in fact, also burning through her blue tablecloth down to the table.  A few even flew far enough to singe her floor! Luckily, Judy is a good sport...she was even happy to have my fiasco birthday party be the inspiration for this Fourth of July tablescape.  So this is Aunt Judy's new blue tablecloth from Crate & Barrel.  I think she likes it even better than her old one (phew). She also needed some new placemats,

and I found these fun and festive bright red ones at Marshall's.  The cute cutouts are a nice detail.  I've chosen my blue dotted plates from West Elm.

I think they look perfect.  I've tucked the flatware into these very vintage red and white linen dishtowels 

...just tied it all up with a piece of rafia.  A nice cold beer will taste oh-so-good sipped from these Direction pilsners from Crate & Barrel.

Mine are over 20 years old, but the Crate still sells these!  A spray of sequins make these simple white mums just a little more festive.

I just love how simple little tea lights add so much atmosphere to any outdoor table setting.

Found these really darling red, white and blue straw stars at Pier 1 to scatter around the table. 

I added some little glass stars, also, for a bit of sparkle.

Speaking of sparkle, I've provided my guests with a little bucket Fourth of July fun...some regular sized sparklers....and a darling little pinwheel too!

Please, please, move away from the table and take your fireworks elsewhere!!  Thank you again to Judy for a lovely birthday party and a kind heart.  P.S.  Mike will repair your floor really soon.


  1. Wow, great backstory to your festive table! (Note to self: Avoid sparklers at the table!) Those placemats look great against the new tablecloth, and I love both the buckets and those wonderful stars scattered on the table. Very fun!

  2. Oh my word what a story, haha- but yikes!!!

    Really sounds like a truly memorable birthday celebration - and so wonderful Judy was such a gracious sport about it.

    I love her new things, you are good to have done so for her.

    Love your "new" tablescape!

  3. Scary ending to a big birthday. Glad it all turned out okay in the end. Your table looks so wonderful.. I'd love to be sitting out there with the fun bucket and the cute set up! be blessed. xo marlis

  4. Lovely table... I need some of those stars. Sounds like you had quite an adventure. Great ideas.


  5. Great table, love the bucket full of goodies. Perfect.

  6. Oh my gosh!! That is kind of scary...with the sparklers!! Your table looks fabulous! I love the dish towel in the little metal pails filled with all the goodies!! I love it.

    Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wednesday!


  7. oh my it must have scared the daylights out of you. You made up for it with your great tablescape for her. Love the stars and pinwheels.

  8. Nice that Judy is a good sport. Great excuse to get a new tablecloth. LOL
    Fun, festive table. ~ Sarah

  9. What a pretty table! I guess you've taught us all not to try that trick with the sparklers!

  10. Lovely table. I love the way you did the silverware in those cute towels.
    Nice place for a tablescape, too.

  11. What a great patriotic tablescape! Very festive! I love the cutout placemats and the buckets of 4th of July fun are awesome.

  12. I guess I won't be using any big sparklers for my hubby's birthday cake this month. Judy is certainly a good sport. Love your buckets of fun!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. Ha! Great story! Glad you were able to replace the items from the sparkler mishap! Cute table!

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  15. FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! You’ve created yet another simple, yet elegant and fun table! You simply amaze me with your talent.

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  16. Love the little bucket for your guest! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  17. So pretty, so fun!

    - The Tablescaper