Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Geranium Mania

I have been waiting to set this table for some time now...

...I just needed a few things to fall into place.  You see, I found this gorgeous fabric, Pink Geraniums from the Variegated Garden Collection by Martha Negley, some time ago.

In fact, this was my first set of hand made napkins.  The napkins were ready...but the rest of the tablescape still needed to be figured out.  Always on the lookout for all things "tabletop" I stumbled upon these... green square grass mats, neatly trimmed in magenta, at World Market.  What could possibly be more perfect?  Hmmm...

...square plates sure would look cute set upon these placemats.  Well, that was no problem.  The Crate & Barrel Outlet near me regularly stocks these basic plates.  I simply folded my napkins into square pockets to hold the flatware...

...and I layered, square upon square upon square!  I knew that my Lyla green wine glasses, also from the Crate,

would add even more color to the table.  I must admit, I borrowed this cute drinking glass idea...

...straight from Pinterest.  Luckily, one of my potted geraniums had just bloomed, so I popped a few flowers into a simple little white vase.

Don't you just love that the brightest colors imaginable come not from a nailpolish bottle or a lipstick tube...

...but from Mother Nature?  I'm so glad I patiently waited until I found just the right items to compliment my geranium napkins.

Stay tuned for another garden inspired tabletop next time!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Black and White (and Sassy)

Just like a little black dress, we all know that black (and white) can be elegant and classy.  But mix it up with bright, bold colors and black and white can also be fun and sassy!

This cheery tablescape begins with a vintage black and white checked tablecloth, a great base for all the color to come.

A chartreuse green runner (or actually a cute scarf from Target) adds a pop of color. Next, I layered my Hampton Green dinner plates from Crate & Barrel atop a simple black placemat.

How could you not love these Wild Flora dessert plates by Zak Design (available at Hobby Lobby). 

And that's also where I found this fabulous fabric, June Bug (The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection) which I whipped up into napkins.

Covered with butterflies and dragonflies, flowers and do-dads, this fabric is adorable.  I like the playful look of my Aero flatware against the napkins.  Of course when it came to glassware, I scoured the cabinets for something colorful...

...and settled on these bubbly glasses with multi-colored swirls.

Just perfect.  I twinkle of candlelight comes from some brightly colored votives perched on my very versatile centerpiece,

decorated with these cute little...

...beaded dragonflies from Pier 1.  I think it's time to plan a menu.  After a big holiday dinner, one of my nieces thanked me saying she always appreciates all the work that goes into these parties, but that just once, I should take it easy and just serve M&M's and wine.  I think with this tablescape...

...that just might be a menu that I could pull off!  Thanks for the advice, Kate!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Black and White (and Classy)

After a table full of pretty pastels, today's setting steps onto the dark side.  Dark...I!  Not dark and dreary, but black and white and elegant...classy.  The inspiration for this tabletop all began with some fabric.  Once again, I could not resist and made some napkins out of this beautiful fabric, Dancing Flowers by June Smith for M&S Textiles.

I love the slightly out of the ordinary color combination, pale pink, salmon, tan and brown with touches of green and grey and light blue...they all stand out on the deep black background.  The rest of the tablescape just fell into place.

I began with a simple black and white Chilewich table runner.  

I know I've been using these lacy white paper Lula placemats over and over lately, but they just make such a perfect layering piece.  Today they are layered over a plain round black placemat, making for even more contrast.

I chose my new favorite grey Hayes dinner plates from Crate & Barrel...and topped them with these darling...

Emma dessert plates (thank you Beth!), also from the Crate.  To give a little height to the table, I tucked the napkins carefully into my water glasses,

(Calistoga water and wine glasses, Crate & Barrel - several years ago).   Lucky for me, I celebrated both Mother's Day and my birthday this past weekend, and this very lovely Sleepy Hollow side dish by Michael Aram was one of my gifts.

I chose to use it this time as a candle holder, nestling little tea lights snuggly into black beans. I do love how it becomes the focal point of the table...

...but now where will I put my flowers?  I'm all for repurposing, so these stubby glass dessert dishes miraculously became vases for floating white roses!

One for each guest.

Whether it be your wardrobe or your tabletop, you just cannot go wrong with black and white.

I think all the different textures have added up to quite an elegant setting...

...Black and White and Classy.  Next week, the theme continues, but with a twist.  Stay tuned for more fun with Part 2: Black and White and Sassy!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Happy Girl

One of my favorite places to find treasures is a local vintage shop in Glen Ellyn, Illinois called the Bountiful Barn.  The barn is actually a repurposed garage, and therefore closes each Winter.  Well...opening day for the season was a few weekends ago, and I couldn't wait to see what goodies the ladies had collected.  I was immediately drawn to these collins glasses...

...their sides painted with charming pastel florals, four different designs in all. I do love love mid-century barware...SOLD!

I was a happy girl.  But how would I incorporate them into a tablescape?  I typically am drawn to bolder colors.  A challenge was in store.

First, I pulled out this vintage pale pink and white vintage gingham tablecloth.  That will work nicely.   What could be better than these darling pastel checked dinner and salad plates from Home Goods.

I love being to mix and match the colors.

I simply layered them on top of these lacy white paper Lula placemats from Crate & Barrel. 

A simple pale yellow linen napkin will do just fine.

I haven't used these chunky champagne flutes (Crate & Barrel, circa 1990) in awhile...

...and I do like how the shapes of the two glasses mirror each other.  Tiny daffodils are tucked into little white ceramic vases.

But what will I use for a centerpiece?  Certainly I must something pastel-y.  And then I remembered HER!!

She's been tucked away for years...maybe just waiting for this occasion.  Made by Bjorn Wiinblad for Rosenthal in the 1970's (I do believe), this little girl is sweet in every way...

...from her funny turned up nose to her silly smile.  My Aunt Tess must truly have loved this artist, because her collection contained quite a few of his pieces.

I tucked some cheery pink berries into her pointy hat.  What a happy girl she is.

My pastel tablescape is complete.   I think I'll invite some girlfriends over.  We'll have watercress salad...and finger sandwiches...and petit fours...and pink lemonade...and proseco and we will be happy girls!