Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Happy Girl

One of my favorite places to find treasures is a local vintage shop in Glen Ellyn, Illinois called the Bountiful Barn.  The barn is actually a repurposed garage, and therefore closes each Winter.  Well...opening day for the season was a few weekends ago, and I couldn't wait to see what goodies the ladies had collected.  I was immediately drawn to these collins glasses...

...their sides painted with charming pastel florals, four different designs in all. I do love love mid-century barware...SOLD!

I was a happy girl.  But how would I incorporate them into a tablescape?  I typically am drawn to bolder colors.  A challenge was in store.

First, I pulled out this vintage pale pink and white vintage gingham tablecloth.  That will work nicely.   What could be better than these darling pastel checked dinner and salad plates from Home Goods.

I love being to mix and match the colors.

I simply layered them on top of these lacy white paper Lula placemats from Crate & Barrel. 

A simple pale yellow linen napkin will do just fine.

I haven't used these chunky champagne flutes (Crate & Barrel, circa 1990) in awhile...

...and I do like how the shapes of the two glasses mirror each other.  Tiny daffodils are tucked into little white ceramic vases.

But what will I use for a centerpiece?  Certainly I must something pastel-y.  And then I remembered HER!!

She's been tucked away for years...maybe just waiting for this occasion.  Made by Bjorn Wiinblad for Rosenthal in the 1970's (I do believe), this little girl is sweet in every way...

...from her funny turned up nose to her silly smile.  My Aunt Tess must truly have loved this artist, because her collection contained quite a few of his pieces.

I tucked some cheery pink berries into her pointy hat.  What a happy girl she is.

My pastel tablescape is complete.   I think I'll invite some girlfriends over.  We'll have watercress salad...and finger sandwiches...and petit fours...and pink lemonade...and proseco and we will be happy girls!


  1. What a cute centerpiece! Truly unique! I love all the gingham in different colors and would have had to take those home with me if I'd happened across those dishes! I'd say you did a great job with pastels this week!

  2. Love your gingham plates. This table is definitely springtime beautiful. Your happy girl is the perfect centerpiece.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Oh my, how pretty! I love it all.....The centerpiece is beautiful! Lucky you.....Spring has arrived!
    Blessings My Friend,

  4. It's so cute! Very beautiful setting.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. This is such a darling tablescape and love the centerpiece; lots of personality! Perfect for spring no matter where one lives.

  6. What a cute table and your glasses are beautiful!

  7. I love the Collins glasses. They look wonderful on your pretty pastel table ... perfect for spring!

  8. Beautiful job - you really did a "happy" table. That centerpiece is enough to make everyone smile. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the cute centerpiece, so darling.

  10. Love the glasses! Thanks so much for being a part of my 100th Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. So pretty! The glasses and the centerpiece are lovely!

  12. So whimsically pretty! Like the way you placed the napkin, never thought to do that. How about recipes please for the finger sandwiches, petit fours, and the watercress salad. Yum!

  13. Hi Jill! I grew up on the North Shore of Chicago and I am a dish girl too. Love your tablescape ~ it's so charming and so much fun!

    Susan and Bentley