Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What was I thinking? A tabletop challenge in three parts.

Many, many years ago, I purchased all of these table linens...three runners and all of their coordinating gold trimmed napkins at Crate & Barrel.  As I recall, I had some grand plan to throw a very large dinner party, setting three fabulous tables, all a little different, with the linens tying everything together.  What was I thinking?

Fast forward 20 years or so.  I rediscovered these linens in a bin...never ever touched!  Although lovely, I look at these runners and napkins and realize that my taste has most definitely changed.  So what to do with these "too formal" linens that aren't really at all my style?  How about a challenge?  In three parts!

My goal is to use these linens as a starting point, setting three tables, using all the tricks up my sleeve and not stopping until I come up with three tablescapes to share on this site.  Here we go.

Part One...The Red Challenge!

I opted to begin with the red linens.  Thinking about the dishes and accessories in my stash, it seemed the logical...and easiest choice.  Red and gold...over the top...more is more.  Fun, not formal.  I started with the red and gold brocade table runner, of course.

Now, let the layering begin.  My super sparkly beaded placemats are old favorites from Pottery Barn.

Next, add some ruffly gold leaf (not really) charges from Crate & Barrel.  Keep going with my favorite plain white plates.

Top it all off with swirly cranberry and gold dessert plates.

Add some big red water goblets.  Looking better, but don't stop now.

Dress up the napkins with chunky gold napkin rings from Ten Thousand Villages.  This table needs some candlelight.

Round red candles sit atop gold columns.  A few red posies and some gold baubles finish the table nicely.  Fancy but fun...I think these red linens are finally looking rather fine!  That was fun.  Stay tuned for "What was I Thinking - Part Two, the Green Challenge!"


  1. Love your tablescape..Where did you get those beautiful red goblets?

  2. Gorgeous red table! Love how you repeated the gold throughout the table!

  3. Great tablescape! I love that tone of red, it's so elegant. I very much love red with gold and yours looks beautiful. I have a Valentine's tablescape here at TT at Susan's.

  4. I love challenging myself when tablescaping! You did a great job this week. Green should be fun, too!

  5. Awesome job!! I think you can get re-inspired when you find things you haven't used in a makes it even more fun when you don't have to spend any money! Great "scape"

    Come on over and link up to Centerpiece Wednesday on my blog today and show off your ideas.


  6. Your table looks great! Can't wait to see what you do with the green and the blue. I really like the edges on your charger plates. A very pretty table! Thanks for sharing

  7. WOW, that table looks better than great, it looks fabulous! Wonderful job, thinking outside the box and coming up with a "smasher"!

  8. Now that wasn't so hard was it? Your table is beautiful! You took something very beautiful and made it shine. I love what you did...and I love all three table linens. You are going to work miracles with the next two...I am sure! I can't wait to see them. Have fun, thats what its all about!
    Blessings My Friend,

  9. What a fun challenge! I think you did a great job with the red and gold! Can't wait to see the next installment!

  10. This is so much fun to view your table and how you are using the red and gold table linens. I was wondering what the question meant and I love how you won the first part of the challenge! The red and gold is great and I especially like the dessert plates. All of your choices tie together beautifully. The next color is green and I will be watching with anticipation! Happy Tablescaping! Pam

  11. Beautiful! The red and gold is just so much punch to this table. Love the red glasses!

  12. I can't tell you how many times a week I ask myself "What was I thinking?" My reaction to the photo of the linens was probably like yours, but they do look very pretty on a table! I especially like the gold trim on the napkins. I think your table turned out lovely and I look forward to the next one!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  13. Your table is lovely in red and gold! Great for Valentines! Thank you for sharing this wonderful project at Potpourri Friday!

  14. Well, I'd say you did PRETTY WELL, considering you thought the style was no longer your style! You made it yours, and it looks great! Wow! I like it A LOT!!Beautiful!

  15. It's hard to believe those runners and napkins were from Crate and Barrel. They do make for a most elegant table.

    - The Tablescaper