Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Front and Center

This "oh-so-versatile" container from Crate and Barrel has truly become my favorite "go-to" piece for creating an ideal centerpiece.

Call it whatever you like...a candle holder...a vase...It does it all.  I have nestled a row of tea lights into anything from sand to...

coffee beans to...

tiny purple pebbles...


or mung beans and black beans.

How about some shiny red jewels?  Each changing season brings new possibilities.  Looking for a unique  holder for flowers?  Just nestle buds into a row of tiny containers.  Voila.

And the best part about this centerpiece...its sleek low profile...perfect for entertaining.


  1. Hi --- This is a great idea - thanks so much! Like to have something permanent for most times of the year that can have different elements for the season and this type of container is marvelous. MMR

  2. I've been having the best time catching up on your posts from the fall! This is such a fabulous centerpiece-starter! I don't know how I've missed seeing your tablescapes, although I did rather fall off the "table" for a while, due to a super-busy semester. I can see from your posts that you also love Crate and Barrel! I enjoyed visiting one of their outlets during the holidays -- so fun!

  3. I have one just like this. However, the glass was recently broke and unfortunately Crate and Barrel does not sell them anymore. Any ideas how to get the glass replaced?