Saturday, October 1, 2011

Plain White Plates (or White Goes With Everything)

When it came time to choose my wedding china, I took the task VERY seriously.  What should I select that I would like forever?  (Little did I know at the time that dishes were meant to collect...why stop at just one set!)

Ultimately, I chose this gorgeous, subtly patterned white china...

...Chess by Boda Nova.  Not too plain, but also not so fancy.

I can dress it up, or play it casual.  And best of all, I do not take this china too seriously.  These dishes never require a special occasion.  They come out of the cabinet, all year long.

Microwave?  No problem.  Dishwasher?  You bet.  White dishes are perfect to show off beautiful linens and glassware.

So plan on seeing my favorite white plates in many tablescapes to come.  Also, please stop by Between Naps on the Porch every Thursday and see what my fellow dish-aholic friends are up to.


  1. White and/or ivory plates are definitely a "must have" for the serious tablescaper! Yours are lovely and very versatile. I look forward to seeing more of them.

  2. Love your must have plain whites!


  3. I love lots of color, but white is what I would choose if I could have only one set of dishes!

  4. You just can't go wrong with this white. Perfect beginnings.

  5. White dishes are the way to go for sure!!! Can't go wrong even if you tried! Have a good weekend!